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Ladies looking hot sex Spangler

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Ladies looking hot sex Spangler

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Malcolm in the Middle (Series) - TV Tropes

Believing that he was trying to bomb the school via the ladies' locker room, officials evacuated the building and called in the Indiana State Police bomb squad and K9 force to dispose of the package.

If you work in an office, school, or other mind-numbing place that you have to go to every day for most of the day while the rest of the world goes on outside your beige walls having fun without you, you know how exciting it can be when someone brings in free food. In , three jerk high school seniors in Brooklyn made delicious-looking homemade chocolate-iced Bundt cake dotted with some sort of red candy and dropped it off in their school office. Educators and staff happily dug in, but almost immediately, five of them began to experience mouth numbness, chest tightness, and major tummy rumbles.

The truth came out: Those little red chunks of candy were actually Dulcolax. Two victims went to the hospital, where doctors said their symptoms were consistent with those of insecticide poisoning. A White House spokesperson insisted that he actually dialed the main switchboard for the West Wing, but — hold on to your hats — that turned out to be a big fat lie.

Instead, the police showed up at his home, hauled him back to the station, and interrogated him for several hours under orders to find the source of "the leak. The teenaged male human isn't known for being at the height of his mental acuity, so it's hardly shocking when one does something really, really, really stupid. Poor Molly is kneeling on the burning metal floor of the cage.

Her face is forced between the bars at one end of the pen. She can't move for her wrists have been tied to the roof of the cage. The hot sun beats down on her alabaster skin. In order to protect her skin from an unsightly burn, Wayne asks Roger if he would like to slather sunblock on Molly. Gleefully, the fat boy crawls into the cage and begins smearing sunscreen over her body.

The teenaged girl shudders at the touch of the youth. A few days ago, she would not bothered to acknowledge the existence of a fat, ugly twelve year old boy like Roger Johnson.

As she endures the boys molesting touch Wayne explains to his guests that he has mixed the sun block with honey. My only regret is that they aren't fire ants. The lad follows orders and creates two sweet trails. Continuing to smear the grease on Molly, he makes sure every inch of her is covered and spends much of his time fingering her bruised nipples.

He finishes by concentrating the parts of her that he knows very well the sun will never shine. After Roger finishes his humiliating massage, he gets out of the cage. His brother places a bowl of water and canned dog food on the corner of the cage behind Molly.

Finally, Kat order Rasputin into his cage. Tempted by the food and the naked teenaged girl, the dog eagerly obeys. Wayne sets up a digital video camera to record Molly's ordeal. Kat says that it is getting quite hot and she doesn't want Rasputin to suffer so she has the movers place a cloth cover over the half of the cage where the dog will spend its time. Molly, however, remains exposed to the hot rays of the afternoon sun. Wayne and his guests leave. The movers continue to unload the truck.

The girl can hear Rasputin moving around behind her. She listens to him loudly lapping up the water in his bowl. She can hear him noisily eating his food. The sides and backs of her knees begin to prickle. It hasn't taken long for the ants to discover the honey. The sound of the dog's sloppy drinking is replace by the scratch of his claws on the metal floor.

She feels his hot breath on her behind. She gasps when he presses his cold nose into the cleft of her ass cheeks. He begins to lick her butt and between her legs. His huge, hot wet tongue laps over the surfaces of her exposed cunt lips. Soon Molly's pink ass glistens with the dog's saliva.

Meanwhile hundreds of black ants scurry over the back of her shins and up her thighs. Thousands of tiny feet tickle her flesh. She wriggles her butt in a futile attempt to discourage the Rasputin from slathering his wet tongue over her pussy lips and asshole. With a laugh he unzips his fly and takes out his cock. Molly looks at the tip of his dick only six inches from her face.

Suddenly a stream of hot piss hits her in the eye. The bugs fly away as soon as the first burst of urine hits her left cheek. With a deft touch Charlie manages to hose all the cum from Molly's face. When he is finished her face glistens with pee. Charlie puts his cock back in his trousers and Bobby takes his out. She can feel it resting on her tongue. Suddenly her mouth is filled to overflowing with piss. While some leaks out her mouth, most of it pours into her stomach.

She can feel the two injured flies being washed down her throat. She gags and coughs until Bobby stops peeing. He pulls his cock out of her mouth and buttons up. He asks Molly if his piss tastes better than Rasputin's does. The exhausted girl ignores him so he and his friend Charlie go back to work. Her cunt hurts from being raped by the dog.

Her knees ache and the flies have returned. Now they are attracted to her piss-covered face. Her moans of misery spread out over the large lawn as the sun beats down on her body. For half an hour, Molly's body serves as a slimy smorgasbord for the flies, ants and the odd bumblebee. They cover her face and ass. Some crawl into her mouth and others into her ears. The insides of her thighs and her exposed cunny teem with hundreds of insects.

Their infernal buzzing is driving her mad. In fact, the buzzing is so loud that it wakes up Rasputin. Molly can hear the clatter of his claws on the floor of the cage as he stands up. He yawns once and sneezes twice. He begins licking Molly between her legs.

At least his actions have scared away some of the flies and wash away the ants. Molly can hear voices. Wayne and his guests have finished dining and are returning to see how Molly's doing. The boys run ahead of the adults. And poo, her hair is soaked with piss. The adults arrive and stand around the cage.

Kat can see her dog's cock slime drooling down Molly's thighs. Wayne tells the twins to get the garden hose and wash Molly down. They run off and return in a moment with a long green hose. They attach one end of it to a water pipe buried in the lawn. They begin to fight over who has control of the brass nozzle.

Wayne settles the argument by reaching into his pocket to retrieve a quarter and telling the boys that he will flip a coin.

The winner will get the hose. Roger is lucky the winner. His brother is disappointed but is placated when Wayne tells him that he can assist Dr Kryzler later today during his first session with Molly. Roger carries the hose up to the cage while Kat opens one end to let out Rasputin. The boy releases an icy blast of water onto Molly's back.

It is so cold that she gasps and can hardly catch her breath. The twelve year-old washes down her back and flanks and then points the hose at her head. He blasts the piss out of her hair and the ants off her body.

He walks to the front of the cage and directs the water at the girl's pretty face. He releases the trigger on the nozzle and the flow suddenly stops. With a wicked smile he places the tip of the nozzle into Molly's mouth and pulls the trigger. Her mouth is flooded with water so cold that it makes her teeth ache and cheeks bulge. The back of her throat closes reflexively to prevent her from drowning and the water has nowhere to go but out her nose.

Finally, the fat boy carries the hose around to the other end of the cage. He crawls in behind the bound teenager and directs the icy water over her ass. Getting closer, he shoots water onto her asshole and over her pussy lips. Finally, he shuts the hose and inserts the end of the nozzle in Molly's bruised vagina. The girl is gasping and shivering from the icy shower.

She screams through her ring gag when Roger opens the hose, shooting a powerful jet of ice-water up her cunt. This frigid douche serves to clean any remnant of Rasputin's sperm from her body. Edgar, Kat and Mrs Johnson untie the ropes binding Molly and let her come out of the cage.

The teen is greatly relieved when the old woman removes her ring gag. Mr Johnson attaches the leash to her collar and leads her to kneel before her brother. The old man pushes her knees apart with his foot, exposing her naked cunt. He pulls up and back on the Molly's collar, forcing her, in effect, to kneel at parade rest. Still shivering, she looks imploringly up at her sibling.

Did you cum when Rasputin fucked you? I'll bet the video will show you rutting like a bitch in heat. I don't think Rasputin will mind if you eat out of his bowls. After all, you're such intimate friends now. While his brother was hosing down Molly, Jack had gone into the house with one of Rasputin's bowls. He returns and put the bowl on the lawn beside Molly.

The dog rushes up to it, eager to eat some more but when he sniffs the contents, he snuffles loudly, shakes his head and walks away, leaving the food untouched. Mr Johnson bends the girl toward the bowl. As she comes closer, Molly can see why the dog chose not to eat its contents. Her gorge rises and she almost pukes as she is forced on her hands and knees with her face inches above the concoction. Canned dog food by itself smells bad enough, but the mess in this bowl is revolting.

With eyes brimming with tears the poor teenager stares at the bowl. Molly hasn't eaten for a very long time and should be famished. Nonetheless, her stomach heaves at the thought of placing lips to the revolting mess in the large dog dish.

The bowl is filled with what appears to be canned dog food. However, teaming over the greasy surface of the are hundreds of wriggling yellow-white maggots. Especially after all the trouble I went through searching the bush behind the house to find a dead, maggot-filled bird. Consider the maggots protein supplements.

Mr Johnson grabs Molly by the back of her neck and forces her face inches from the vermin-laced dog food. She stares at the writhing white mass on the foul smelling mess. And so you should. Cunt Molly here can survive on cans no-name horsemeat. I bought a couple of cases that had expired a few months ago from a dollar store in town. Tired of Molly's hesitation, Wayne asks Eric if he would do something to pique his sister's appetite. Happy to oblige, Kryzler bends down and grabs Molly's left leg by the ankle.

He lifts it up so that her thigh is parallel to the ground. Eric asks Wayne to hold her leg still. He then tells the twins to come over. I'm going to show you something that you might find useful when you start dating. The correct way to push a needle under a girl's toenail. Upon hearing this, Molly struggles ineffectively to escape. Eric takes a needle that had been stuck into the lapel of his sports coat. He holds the point of the inch-long pin just where the flesh of her big toe meets the underside of her pedicured nail.

Continuing his impromptu lesson he says, "It's important that the needle travel as close to the undersurface of the toe-nail as possible. You know you're doing it right if you can see the shaft of the needle travel under the nail. I'll just scratch off this pink nail polish before I start. She howls with pain and struggles to get away.

Wayne tightens his grip on her ankle. A small pearl of blood has erupted from the wound. Molly's tormentor pushes the needle in another quarter of an inch and then stops. He and Wayne let go of Molly's leg. Johnson retains a tight grip on the back of her collar.

Molly feels like her toe has been amputated. She does not want to endure any more torture so she lowers her face to the teeming mess of dog food and begins to eat. As she eats, Molly can feel the maggots writhing on her tongue before she works up the nerve to swallow them. She manages to choke down most of the concoction before her stomach heaves and she retches much of it back into the bowl. Wayne forces her to eat it again.

Molly remains kneeling in front of her tormentors as Wayne tells her that he is going to let her get some rest before her first session with Edgar. They need a few hours to set up a makeshift torture chamber. But don't worry, it'll have all the modern technological marvels our modern age has to offer.

Old Man Johnson jerks on Molly's leash and she stands. She follows the others into the house. Once inside they all go up stairs towards her bedroom. They enter her bedroom. The walls used to be painted a light rose color. Now they are blood red, as is the ceiling. The girl can smell the wet paint. Her carpet has been removed and replaced with a hard black rubber surface. Her bed with the frilly canopy has disappeared. All her furniture has been removed. Powerful track lighting brightly illuminates the room.

In the center of the room is a wooden platform, painted red. It is three feet high and as wide and long as a king-sized bed. Two black rubber hoses run along the floor from Molly's bathroom to the platform.

Astonished, Molly looks around the room until her gaze falls on the strange outfit resting in the middle of the stand. Her brother asks her if she likes her new "pajamas". As they lead her to the edge of her new "bed", her brother says, "I sent all your clothes to the Salvation Army. You won't need them anymore. I'll let her explain its features before we help you into it. The Russian woman lifts up the dull black rubber bodysuit.

She opens it to reveal the inside surface. Molly can see hundreds of rows of very narrow rubber tubes lining the surface. Each tube is the diameter of a strand of spaghetti. Closing the suit, Kat shows Molly two brass valves in the front of the outfit.

They are situated where the wearer's nipples would be, once inside the suit. This rubber tubing that line the inside the suit is, in fact, a single tube. Once you wearing it we will connect the hoses to the suit. A computerized pump in the bathroom is attached to the bathtub faucets. It has been programmed so that steaming hot water alternates with icy cold water every few minutes. The water will flow into the left valve, circulate through the suit and then flow out of the right valve back to the bath drain.

Notice that the rubber tubing spirals up and down their surfaces too. Lying on the platform is the facemask that will complete Molly's sleep apparel. It is a black neoprene mask. Like the suit to which it attaches, it is lined with tiny tubes. Once in place, the ends of the small hoses will fit into the ends of the hoses in the suit's tight hood. Wayne picks it up to show his slave-sister its finer points. There is a small round hole for her mouth and two smaller holes for her nostrils.

In fact the mouthpiece is a one inch diameter plastic tube that will force Molly to keep her mouth open. There are no holes for Molly's eyes. She will be blind. Two small speakers will cover Molly's ears once she is inside the suit.

Holding the mask in front of his sister, Wayne says. What do you think? Isn't this better than a flannel cotton nightie? Stop now and I promise I won't tell anyone what you've done to me. If you want me to leave and never come back, I will. Please, please let me go. In fact, I don't want you to ever leave. You're my slave now and I plan to have you around for many years to come.

He turns to Edgar and says that it is time to give Molly her injection before she takes her nap. Edgar goes into Molly's bathroom and returns after a minute, holding a large syringe with a two-inch long heavy gauge needle. The cylinder of the syringe is filled with a purple liquid. Mr Johnson keeps a tight grip on the back of Molly's collar while the each of the twins takes one of her arms in a tight arm lock. Kryzler approaches and holds the syringe inches from Molly's face.

It serves a double purpose. The first is to make the skin on your lovely body more sensitive to touch and temperature. The second is to make you less prone to pass out under torture. After all, you don't all my hard work to go unappreciated do you". Now, you'll be relieved to know that we never experiment on animals. The Thanatos scientists harm no little bunnies. No, we prefer to use little girls like you to test our potions. Of course, there is a great advantage in this because the girls can describe the effects of the drugs -- something bunnies can't do.

She was a delightful black haired youngster -- a wisp of a girl no older than you are. She had been sent to the labs as a punishment for having nipped the end of the cock of one of the members. Frankly, the man was a fool. You see, he had arranged to surprise the girl by having one of the Facilitators press a red-hot branding iron into her left buttock while his cock was in her mouth.

It's a good thing that he was on the 'out-stroke', so to speak, or she might have bitten his dick right off. I injected the drug into her and waited an hour. I then turned her over my knee and gave her a spanking. Mind you, I used only my bare hand and never raised it above my shoulders. Despite this, Carolyn squirmed and howled. When I had finished and she had recovered sufficiently to describe the experience, she told me it felt like I had been beating her with a metal table tennis paddle that I had just removed from a four hundred-degree oven.

I remember the look of shocked relief on her pretty, tear-stained face when she looked over her shoulder to see a rosy glow on her pretty ass cheeks. She had been expecting to see the skin on her bum torn and blistered. You see, one of the members staying at Thanatos Manor when this unfortunate incident occurred was Jonathan Sprangler who happens to be the president of a company that controls, among other things, a chain of funeral homes in the southern United States.

You might have heard of him. He's called 'Sprangler the Strangler' because of his penchant for choking to death young girls while he fucks them. When Sprangler heard what had happened, he phoned his mortuary in Atlanta. He asked the manager if any "fresh dead" was currently on the slab waiting embalming. He was informed that they had just taken delivery of the corpse of an old gentleman of color who had expired peacefully just before his eighty-fourth birthday.

Spangler ordered that the man's cock and testicles be cut off and sent to Thanatos Manor. He made a point of instructing that the man-meat be sent through the normal post and that it not be packed in ice. Consequently, when the package was delivered to the Manor ten days later, it was rather ripe, to say the least. The next morning, during an assembly of students of the Slave Academy, young Cindy was brought on stage where her mouth was forced open and the rotting cock and balls shoved in.

A few loops of duct tape around her head ensured that she could not spit them out — at first they were going to sew her lips shut but her current owner didn't want her scarred. She was told that the tape would stay in place for five days and she had a choice of either keeping the rotting dead meat in her mouth or chewing it up and swallowing it.

Cindy held out for three days before she could take no more and ate the putrid cock and balls. Turning to Wayne, Kryzler returns to the subject of the drug by explaining that its greatest advantage is that it permits one to deliver a great deal of pain without doing permanent damage to the victim.

Wayne, however, does and is delighted by the suggestion. That's a wonderful idea. In fact, I'd like Mollycunt to see the needle go in. Under the direction of the Katerina, the twins and Mr Johnson force Molly onto her back on the black rubberized floor. While the older man holds the girl down, each boy takes one of the her feet. They lift her legs, spread them and force them back until her toes touch the floor above her head.

Her knees are near her shoulders. The helpless teenager stares at her own pussy and asshole. Kat's suggestion that I inject her there is brilliant. You see, the increasing sensitivity builds throughout the body from the point of inoculation. It'll take an hour for Mollycunt's entire body to become sensitized, but her pussy and ass should be affected in only ten or so minutes.

Now hold her tight. Molly pleads and struggles as Edgar moves the syringe between her legs. He purposely hesitates, holding the needle a millimeter from the unblemished skin of her perineum. He smiles as the poor girl's resistance increases. I'll be your slave. I'll let you fuck me, I'll suck you cock… I'll eat your shit. Just don't let him stick that needle in me! You have no choice.