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I am looking for an older larger women to lo

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I am looking for an older larger women to lo

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What can we do to make menopause and perimenopause more pleasant times in our lives? Hormonal changes are normal as you enter perimenopause and menopause. If you are maintaining optimal function—through diet, supplements, sleep, and exercise—you can easily ride out these hormonal changes. As I tell my patients, your hormones are like a symphony orchestra. When one instrument is out of tune, it throws off the whole orchestra. To achieve hormonal balance, we always have to look at the entire hormonal symphony and make sure that every hormone is coming in at the right level and in the right relationship to all the others.

Insulin, the stress hormones including cortisol , thyroid hormones, estrogen, and progesterone must all be in balance for any one of those hormones to play its part correctly. Cut back, way back on the sweets and starches. Too many can set your hormones on a wild ride. Or better, eliminate sweets and starches altogether for two weeks to see how your body reacts. Let go of fat-phobia and eat more healthy fats. Be good to your microbiome —as in, feed your gut with plenty of immunity-supporting fermented foods and belly-benefiting fiber to support good bacteria and keep bad bacteria in check.

This will not only keep digestion and elimination running smoothly, but help hormone function too. Aim to sleep more and better. Shoot for hours nightly to enable your hormones to do their job. Make an effort to switch to the least toxic, most natural products possible to limit exposure to chemicals.

Cholesterol seems to be widely misunderstood. Cholesterol is a type of fat that is a vital component of the human body. We need it to think clearly, to remember, to support cell integrity, to enable digestion, and for just about every other bodily function.

Although we might ingest some cholesterol from our food, our bodies also make their own cholesterol. All the parts of your body depend upon cholesterol—but on its own, cholesterol has no way to reach them. It needs to be transported. They are lipoproteins—a combination of fat and protein. Contrary to what most people believe, our latest research—which is still evolving—suggests that not all LDL is harmful. One type of LDL might not be very good for you. These are the smaller particles, which tend to invade your artery walls, raising your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Whereas the larger fluffy LDL particles, are either neutral or beneficial. Statins are medications that reduce cholesterol. They are one of the most profitable medications in human history, netting billions for the drug companies that produce them. Knowing how essential cholesterol is for optimal functioning, you might be asking why any doctor would seek to reduce it. After all, cholesterol itself is beneficial. So why are you being prescribed statins?

Actually, there is no really good reason that most people especially those without a history of heart disease , should take statins.

When they reviewed the studies, analysts found they would have to treat over patients with statins, to prevent just 1 of them from having a heart attack. And there was no overall reduction in deaths either. To make matters worse, these drugs are not benign. Side effects are not uncommon, in particular, muscle damage and an increase risk of diabetes, to name just two. What questions should we be asking our doctors about medicines that we are being prescribed?

I am not against medications and I believe they play an important role in medicine. But I feel they are unnecessary much of the time. A great deal of research shows that in many cases, simple and easy lifestyle changes, like I outline in the book , work better than any medication ever could. So if you do get prescribed a medication, here are 10 questions to ask your doctor.

Is this drug intended to cure my underlying condition or is it intended to give me relief from my symptoms? Have long-term studies been done on this drug? Have studies been done for this drug on people like me—my age, my gender, my specific condition? Remember, many studies are conducted on young or middle-aged men, who often have different responses to medications and to dosages from other populations.

Adiponectin, another hormone produced mainly by subcutaneous fat, helps protect against diabetes by regulating the processing of fats and sugars; it also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the linings of blood vessels.

Adiponectin is made by visceral fat, too, but production falls as fat volume increases. A tape measure is your best home option for keeping tabs on visceral fat. Measure your waistline at the level of the navel — not at the narrowest part of the torso — and always measure in the same place.

According to official guidelines, the bottom of the tape measure should be level with the top of the right hip bone, or ilium — see the illustration — at the point where the ilium intersects a line dropped vertically from the center of the armpit. Don't suck in your gut or pull the tape tight enough to compress the area. In women, a waist circumference of 35 inches or larger is generally considered a sign of excess visceral fat, but that may not apply if your overall body size is large.

Rather than focus on a single reading or absolute cut-off, keep an eye on whether your waist is growing are your pants getting snug at the waist? That should give you a good idea of whether you're gaining unhealthy visceral fat. Visceral fat can be measured in a variety of ways.

CT scans and full-body MRIs are the most precise, but they are expensive and rarely available, so investigators often use estimates based on waist circumference or waist size in proportion to height see "Gut check".

To ensure that they're not just measuring overall obesity, researchers also check whether a person's waist circumference is higher than average for her or his body mass index BMI. Several studies have documented this effect. For example, a large study of European women ages 45 to 79 concluded that those with the biggest waists and those with the largest waists in relation to their hip size had more than double the risk of developing heart disease.

The risk was still nearly double even after adjustment for several other risk factors, including blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, and BMI. Higher visceral-fat volume also has a deleterious impact on several other heart disease risk factors. It tends to increase blood pressure and blood sugar levels, raise triglyceride levels, and lower levels of HDL good cholesterol.

Taken together, these changes, known as metabolic syndrome, create a serious risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. In , a consensus group of medical professional organizations agreed that abdominal obesity should be recognized as a major feature of metabolic syndrome. Researchers at Kaiser Permanente found that people in their early 40s with the highest levels of abdominal fat, compared with those who had the least abdominal fat at that age, were nearly three times more likely to develop dementia including Alzheimer's disease by their mids to early 80s.

Dementia was not associated with increased thigh size. The risks were highest for women who were both large-waisted and overweight or obese. The investigators believe that belly fat raises the risk of asthma more than other poundage because it has inflammatory effects throughout the body, including in the airways.

A combined analysis of several studies found that premenopausal women with abdominal obesity the largest waist size in proportion to their height were at greater risk for breast cancer.

Large waists were also linked to breast cancer risk among postmenopausal women, but that effect was not significant once BMI was taken into account. People with the most visceral fat have three times the risk of developing colorectal adenomas precancerous polyps than those with the least visceral fat, according to a Korean study in the American Journal of Gastroenterology January The relationship was found after many other risks were accounted for.

The researchers also confirmed that adenomatous polyps in the colon are associated with insulin resistance, which may be the mechanism that increases the cancer risk.

Where you tend to gain fat depends on your genes, your hormones, your age, your birth weight smaller babies more readily add belly fat later in life , and whether you've had children women who have given birth tend to develop more visceral fat than women who haven't. The search will take you to https: Check out my latest side project Song Search.

Find song by lyrics I'm looking for a song I don't know the name of. I beileve its new, post or something. E5 Accra the song starts at about 9: Its a jazzy sounding song with a husky voiced female and the lyrics were- Sit down, lets have a drink. Lets talk a little bit, I know we have a lot to say..

Tanasie 16 October Reply Anybody knows the song which sounding in background of this video of Youtube: Wills mom give a snappy comment and they all start dancing Lupita 25 October Reply The temptations - Ain't too proud to beg. Bre 17 October Reply I'm looking for a song with "somebody will love you"; somebody may be someone. It sounds like it's from the 80s', male vocals, reminded me a little of Depeche Mode. Bre 18 October Reply Not quite, but it is a good song. This one is only male vocals and has a more somber kinda tone.

Thanks for helping out, though! Anonymous 17 October Reply I can't find an older song, I believe it might have been a pop group. The only line I can remember is "Ooh, I like it, all the things you do, girl, I like it.

Anonymous 25 October Reply BeeGees? Hannes 17 October Reply Theres thos one song, its kinda a soft indie hit the only lyrics I remeber are, "nothing on my mind got me feeling like I'm in 99" the hook was like "everything is fine" idk can someone help me please. Anonymous 25 October Reply I have my doubt but: When I pull, I feel good" and I can't find it anywhere and don't know what it is but it sounded like a banger, please help me.

Thomas 17 October Reply Looking for a song that my lover sent me before she passed away. ShankyPants 17 October Reply I'm looking for the name of a song that goes: Some might say that I'm a loner, but I just call it being free. I am my heart's only owner, or at least I want to be.. Help me 17 October Reply Looking for a song that start with knock the door and women voice says "hello, is anybody there hellooooooo" and then man start to sing.

Help me 24 October Reply Noo, its not that: Bookworm 17 October Reply Looking for a song where a waitress girl dreams that the famous boy is her bf and he loves only her and when some girls give her number but he just ignores it and then he takes her for a drive and then to a fancy dinner surprise.. Johnny 17 October Reply I've been looking for a rock song that I've listened before but lost it, it has some lyrics like this "now we are made from steel" "a one man army" something like that, it talks about soldiers and stuff.

Anonymous 26 October Reply Maybe some Sabaton stuff? Sabaton - Man of War Ensiferum - one man army. Anonymous 18 October Reply I'm looking for a song that's has the lyrics "Do This is what you doooooo to meeee. RickM 18 October Reply Going crazy looking for a rock song from the 80s or 90s.

Lyrics were maybe not in this order: We played doctors and nurses and husbands and wives in my room. Then came the moment of truth. She gave me my memory, I took her virginity. We did it all there in my room.

Hook but was not. I think it was a guy's name and Google has nothing on it. I have looked for this artist for years, and you nailed it. Thank you my friend, whoever you are! Marjo 26 October Reply Wow, that's great! I love searching and puzzling and I am quite persistant.

Love to help people with these skills: You clues were pretty good, so I could find it pretty easily. Katie Hunt 19 October Reply I may be wrong but phora-rider. Anonymous 18 October Reply Im looking for the song the lyrics go like "Do you remember all the good times we had," and another part goes "All your friends told you Im cheating. Julia 25 October Reply Sounds like what? Was it an older or a newer song? Jim 19 October Reply Looking for a song. It's about a girl that goes to the country from the "big smoke" goes something like "Up there in the city" old country style song with a southern?

Daniel Long 19 October Reply I cant find a song ive been looking for and i was wondering if anyone could help me? The song is rap-ish and a bit of pop. I dont know when it came out but it sounds like a newer song. I think it goes by " She said catch me by the party" I cant really remember Y 19 October Reply is it party by k. GreenPaper 19 October Reply I had heard it from But I remember the clip. I think he was an French or American.

The man had long blond hair. The school was dancing in the cafeteria and skating on the table with tray. This song looks like, "El Mudo - Shakaron" and I remember this words: Chloe Park 19 October Reply i can't find a song i can remember the words in it it's you're if you're gonna break my you're gonna break my heart no matter what you do i still be there for you and when you call my i won't be far away no matter where you go your never be alone. Robyn 19 October Reply I was hearing this song on the radio between summer '07 and summer ' The chorus was "low low" and there was some kind of violin going on as well Y 19 October Reply for some reason i cant find my comment at all to reply lol so here it is again: Christina 20 October Reply I dont know the name or artist of this song I really like.

A male sings it. The lyrics go something like this, "Heres to the times I feel weak, heres to the days I was strong. I never knew what strength was When all I ever wanted was love and all i ever seen was pain. Im saying one day i will see the sunshine till then im holding on through the rain. I hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on through the rain

These are some reasons you might look older than your age and how to fix them. while others require long-term tips to make sure you look and feel great. large patterned shirts and women hang on to those old polyester. In the appropriately named, 10 Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat, beloved goop from illness as quickly, you feel tired all the time, you lose interest in sex, and you . In addition I have seen so many young women who have had multiple. 11 Signs of Thyroid Problems That Women Should Know. Nearly 60% of people with thyroid disease didn't even realize there was a red flag. . It's true that symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, and low sex drive are sometimes wrongly That's why it's important for doctors to look at everything — test results.